labomed luxeo 6z

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labomed luxeo 6z



 a modular design to streamline workflow

the luxeo 6z is the first in a new series of stereo microscopes designed to bring greater flexibility and performance to work stations. with total integration of gooseneck and axial illumination, versatility in transmitted illumination features, and highly ergonomic stand options to choose from, the luxeo 6z will delight in every environment.


luxeo 6z advantages:


two flexible goosenecks cables are integrated within the focus bracket, creating more clearance for controlling focus drive. a built in 23-led ring light with sectional controls will enable axial illumination while mitigating surface glare. an intuitive membrane switch cluster makes light intensity control convenient.


a bright led base light illuminates objects from below. users can quickly convert the system into a slim-base setup by removing the illumination cartridge. a lever toggles between bright field and dark field transmitted illumination for biological specimen. flex arm, boom stand, and slim base stand options are available.


a well-designed 6:1 zoom system provides ease and comfort in accessing the right resolution. a detent system with magnification stops can be engaged for calibrating systems to processes. maxlite™ coatings on all optical surfaces reduce glare and improve light homogeneity in the most demanding environments.




microscope specifications

  • optical system

  • magnification

    4.4:1 zoom ratio
  • eyepieces

    widefield 10x/18mm (interchangeable)
  • diopter correction

    / - 5 diopters
  • viewing body

    integrated binocular, 45º, 52-74mm diopter adjustment
  • working distance

  • magnification range

    8x to 35x continuous
  • object field diameter

    6.6 to 28.5 mm
  • eye guards

    rubber, retractable
  • illumination control

    incident / transmitted ("oblique" settings) / combined illumination control buttons with rheostat dial for light intensity control
  • incident light

    / - 30º oblique illumination and variable intensity control dial
  • incident light method

    maximum intensity (10 leds), front angled incident light (5 leds), rear angled incident light 5 (leds)
  • transmitted light

    3-led super bright glow screen, low heat emission
  • led life

    up to 25,000 hours
  • light quality

    homogeneous daylight (6500ºk), free of uv and ir emmissions
  • power supply

    universal 100v - 240v, 50/60hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stablizer


dimensions (mm)