labomed magna 高解析電磁閥控牙科通用型顯微鏡

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labomed magna

the power of zoom



the labomed® magna dental microscope brings to your practice the power of crystal clear visualization in a compact, ergonomic design. the system features an automatic balancing arm (aba) that gives users 360 degrees of freedom in positioning the microscope. a highly responsive apochromatic zoom system ensures ease in landing on the ideal magnification. super bright, long lasting led illumination means dental professionals won't miss a thing.


magna advantages

a brilliantly designed electromagnetic brake system provides ultimate flexibility in positioning the microscope. two conveniently located brake-release buttons make the system highly intuitive. holding down either button allows the microscope to move with ease. upon release, the microscope immediately locks into place.


apochromatic premium optics are packaged in a convenient zoom system to provide a continuous range of magnifications. the nuvar™ variable working distance objective (f300-f400mm) comes standard. proprietary maxlite™ coatings promise reflection-free, durable optics, ensuring the highest fidelity resolution.



a super bright led provides shadow-free light with a natural daylight temperature (over 100,000 lux) for up to 60,000 hours. for digital documentation needs, a host of digital slr, video camera, and ccd adapters are available with the proline™.


magna specifications

binocular tubes 0-210° tilting head with rotoplate, dbsi (inclined double beam splitter), double iris and dslr adapter
ipd 50-75 mm
eyepieces wf 10x/18 mm lockable eyepieces, one with resolution markup to assist in diopter adjustment
diopter adjustment ± 5mm with diopter lock
apochromatic magnichanger galilean zoom 1:6, convertible to 8 step magnichanger
zoom range 0.4-2.5x
objective nuvar system with variable focal length adjustment from 300-400 mm with fine focus mechanism
microscope carrier aba (automatic balancing arm) with electromagnetic release for easy, drift free positioning
light source 50 watt led, 90-240v
maximum wattage 195 watts
built-in filters yellow and green
vertical movement of arm ± 250 mm, power saving feature with light cut-off in park position
stand robust, vibration-free stand on a cross base with four lockable caster wheels
mounting options floor stand, wall mount and ceiling mount




dimensions (mm)