labomed prima ent 耳鼻喉科手術顯微鏡

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labomed prima ent




a performance driven design for ear/nose/throat profesionals


the prima ent microscope reflects a performance driven design with modularity in mind for the evolving needs in ent clinical and surgical routines. with an intelligent led coaxial illumination system, crystal clear optics, and fluid arm movement, the prima ent microscope stands apart as a smart choice.



 prima ent advantage:


a super bright led delivers over 100,000 lux with a natural daylight color temperature. a run time of up to 60,000 hours eliminates the need for frequent bulb changes. built-in electronics make it the most compact arm system around.


an apochromatic optical system produces superior resolution and artifact-free images for excellent visibility. proprietary maxlite™ coatings promise reflection-free, durable optics.


the proline™ features a host of digital slr, video camera, and ccd adapters in addition to the ivu s5 in-line digital solution -- all helping to simplify documentation and communicating treatment plans to patients.

an intelligent led park position makes operation simple when interacting with patients. raising the arm turns off the illumination; lowering the arm makes the system ready for use again.




microscope specifications


  • binocular tube

    90° straight head, ipd 50-75mm. 0-210° tilting head optional
  • apochromatic magnichanger

    5 step: 0.4x, 0.6x, 1.0x, 1.6x and 2.5x
  • eyepiece

    wf 10x/18mm with retractable eye guards, diopter adjustment ±5mm with diopter lock; optional: wf 12.5x/18mm
  • objective

    f=250mm objective with fine focus. nuvar system with continuous variable working distance from 200-400 mm optional
  • light source

    50w led; 100,000 lux
  • built-in-filters

    green & yellow
  • vertical movement of arm

  • microscope carriers

    microscope carriers



dimensions (mm)



mounting (mm)