labomed ergoflex 醫師椅

  • 商品編號: 189637
  • 商品分類: 醫療手術顯微鏡
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labomed ergoflex




the ergoflex has been developed especially for microscope users. resting your arms close to your body takes away the strain from your back, shoulders and neck. it is a perfect way to work ergonomically, relaxed and supported.

having good support for your arms is crucial for working ergonomically with a microscope. the unique armrest system makes it possible to position the armrests around your torso within a second, without using knobs or handles. with the ergoflex you sit comfortable and work healthy.

the user can easily adjust the height of the stool by foot. 

  • seat height: 508 mm
  • backrest tilt : 0° - 25°
  • adjustable back rest height: 254 mm
  • armrest height adjustment: 152 mm
  • armrest width extension: 533 mm
  • armrest angular adjustment: ± 50°
  • base diameter: 559 mm
  • fabric colour: black
  • weight: 24 kg