labomed vega

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  • 商品分類: 影像分析系統
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labomed vega



digital still and video capture...all in one 

the super resolution vega camera is a 6 mp high-definition cmos solution that boasts one of the fastest frame rates in its class, superb contrast, and unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction. this digital solution offers hd video streaming, digital, and an sd card interface in one highly affordable package. additionally, measurement, calibration, and parameter settings may be controlled through hdmi with the help of a usb mouse provided with the system. total vertical integration of our camera means better image quality, easy to navigate software, and better end-to-end software and driver support.


camera specifications 

  • sensor

    1/2.8” 6.0 mp color cmo
  • active area

    5.70mm x 4.28mm
  • sensor resolution

    dynamic 1920x1080 pixels static 3264x1836 pixels
  • pixel size

    2.7μm x 2.7μm
  • a/d conversion

    24 bit rgb
  • pixel clock

    48 mhz
  • dynamic range

    65 db
  • max exposure

    1ms-10s auto/manual, white balancing
  • frame rate

    30 fps (@1080p)
  • image processing

    high speed fpga, progressive scan, advanced noise reduction
  • interface

    usb 3.0, hdmi, sd card, mouse control
  • optical connection

    c- mount
  • voltage supply

    ac power (universal)
  • power indication

    green led indicating power on and ready for capture
  • measurement

    geometric and axial, calibration
  • ambient conditions

    operating temperature: 0-60˚c humidity: 45-85%
  • software requirments

    microsoft windows (xp and later versions) / linux / mac